Laboratorio di Analisi e Centro Prelievi Prefabbricato

Ospedale Regionale U.Parini di Aosta




CADOLTO Fertiggebäude GmbH & CO.KG - Cadolzburg, Norimberga


L+PARTNERS S.r.l. - Golder Associates S.r.l.


Definitive design, Executive design and Artistic Director 

The building has been realized with a system of prefabrication of complete modular elements and of variable dimensions compatible with the internal functional distribution and the needs of transport and assembly on site. The 19 finished modules, both from an architectural point of view and from a structural and plant engineering point of view and integrated with technical equipment and laboratory and furnishing equipment, have been installed and assembled on a reinforced concrete base.

The building, on three levels, houses on the ground floor the spaces open to the public (acceptance / administration, waiting room, withdrawal areas), while the rooms equipped for laboratory activities are located on the upper floor. The technological center, which makes the building autonomous at plant level, occupies the highest level of the building.

The modular building was completely built in the summer of 2011, between the months of July and September. In consideration of the location of the hospital (which is located in the city center) and to minimize the disruption of a road system, the installation of the prefabricated modules took place completely at night. The complete volume of the building was installed in just 20 hours of work.