Edificio A29

Nuovo Ospedale ad Alta intensità di Cura

The A29 building is located in Zone Z02 which consists of the Hospital Macro Area and, together with the main entrance square and the logistic yard behind, constitutes the subzone Z2A. It has the main high-care, diagnostic functions, as well as most of the beds of the entire hospital
With a total area is about 59,570 sqm located between the new Via Santa Maria di Ca' Foncello road, culminating in the new northern entrance, and the existing buildings A01 and A02. The location, close to the new entrance, ensures easy accessibility for users to the outpatient and diagnostic daytime functions. In continuity with the building A01, it is to it coplanar to ensure the optimization of flows both in the intermediate stages of use and in the final ones.

In the new hospital complex are distributed the following functional areas:

  • Level A: area of materials distribution and logistics, general changing rooms, laboratory of analysis, radiotherapy and Mensa employee;

  • Level B: new main square; in copanarity and continuity with the Emergency Department interventionist areas and intensive hospitalization are developed;

  • Level C: image diagnostics, nuclear medicine, maternal-child area;

  • D-E-F levels: general care areas and directional areas of doctors.

The A29 building is characterized by two overlapping volumes:

  • The plate within which the main diagnostic functions develop, the maternal infant area, critical patient and operating functions, logistical functions, and general services;

  • Emerging volumes containing hospital stays and areas of health management.

The architecture of the new building is inspired by the lines and architectural simplicity of the building A01 and the buildings present in the context. The architectural choice, expressed through the composition of the facade materials, has allowed to reduce the impact of the large volumes built and ensure a better integration of the building into the context since the final phase of the design. This aspect has been further optimized in the executive project through the increase of glazed surfaces.

Aggregated Model

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Plan type of hospital and health management area