Edificio A36

Centrale operativa SUEM - HEMS - Eliporto


The A36 building belongs to Lot 1 and is located in Zone Z01 formed by the Macro Technical-Logistic Area.

It houses the functions connected with the organization of Emergency Aid and coordination 118 for both ambulances and the helicopter and develops on a total area of 1.968 sqm, a volume of about 10.000 mc and an average height of 10,50 ml.

Developed through the prefabrication process, it is structurally formed by two factory bodies of rectangular shape subdivided between them by a seismic joint. The first one destined to accommodate the hangar for the shelter of the helicopter , directly connected with the center of the service Hems-FATO and the second one for the services SUEM that contains the garage for the ambulances and the offices of the unit 118.

The volume of the hangar is developed on a single plane above ground at double height whose share of the floor is supprelevata regarding the country plan and is coplanar to the landing pad of the helicopters. A ramp adjacent to the building allows ambulances to reach the aircraft rest area optimizing the transfer time of the patient to the emergency room.

On the level of the foundations is also derived the pool of fire accumulation at the service of the entire hospital complex.

The second body contains inside it the main functions of emergency-urgency. It is spread over two floors above ground connected by two stairwells and a lift system. An external staircase connects the hangar and the area for the departure of the helicopters with the areas inside the building for the rest and preparation of the pilots and the nursing crew located at level B. On the same level are distributed the offices and the operating rooms of the SUEM acoustically and thermally isolated from the rooms placed to the level below: garage, annexed warehouses to it and technical room. The entrance to ambulances develops on the two longitudinal sides of the building and allows parking for a minimum of 10 emergency vehicles. Additional open spaces have been provided for the parking of additional emergency vehicles.

The main entrance is in front of the factory building that will host the technology plant. From here are distributed the dressing rooms placed on level A and the main staircase that, developing on three levels, reaches the level of cover. The main aeraulic and electrical systems are located on the roof.

Modello aggregato

Aggregated Model

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Level A

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Level B

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