Ampliamento Ospedale Civico



2017. Maximum draft - 2018. Definitive design




CONSORZIO CANONE INVERSO: IPOSTUDIO Architetti S.r.l. - L+PARTNERS S.r.l. - AEI Progetti S.r.l. - Pini Swiss Engineers SA


Design of functional health areas, Medical Technology Design and sanitary fittings

The project for the expansion of the Civic Hospital of Lugano bases its reasons on some simple design criteria aimed at resolving on the one hand the critical factors currently present in the existing hospital, and on the other hand responding to the new demanding framework expressed by the client, through planning operations that comply with the urban planning regulations and with the building regulations of the Municipality of Lugano.

The object of the present intervention is constituted by a set of distinct works that contribute to the definition of a renewed and rational general structure of the whole hospital, identifiable in: new Park, extension of Autosilo, new Entrance and new Base Plate.

The definition of the technological structure of the departments involved in the expansion of the OLC pursues the objective of integrating the individual technological and furnishing elements (biomedical equipment, technical and non-technical furnishings), the structural elements (plants, structures, etc.) and the characteristics of the specific service (personnel, capacity, flows, layouts, etc.), in an integrated vision of the hospital system aimed at maximizing functionality, productivity, maintainability and safety in use and identifying the best spatial structure and architectural.

Service performed with BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM) system procedures.