Riqualificazione nucleo blocco operatorio 

Ospedale Regionale Beata Vergine - Mendrisio








Feasibility study, Definitive design, Medical Technology Design and sanitary fittings

Object of the mandate is the verification of technical feasibility of replacing the current operating rooms with new appropriate rooms in the dimensions and technical performance of the surgical activities offered by the Hospital, with particular attention to the mitigation of interfe-rence between site activities and surgical activity .
As a result of different study and the considerations on the current configuration of the operating block, various critical issues have emerged that can be summarized as: operating rooms of unsuitable size; room awakening with interference of staff and patient flows; location of the access control office away from the exit area of  the beds and delivery / sending of material; criticality in the accessibility of patients bedridden towards the urological room and lack of space for patient preparation; lack of space for the storage of equipment, drugs and devices. In response to these critical issues, and following a careful analysis of the distribution possibilities, the solution adopted is “open”, with 40 square meters, centralized preparation areas, material collection rooms to recondition common between two rooms and a large local storage facility located at the center of the support area.
The solution chosen has the great advantage, in addition to providing a functionally and technologically advanced BO, to allow suffi cient fl exibility for the subsequent creation of a day hospital / endoscopy center in direct connection with the operating theaters, thus responding to the strategic orientation that sees in the medium term an inevitable shift towards outpatient surgery to be carried out in terms of great efficiency, quality and safety for the patient.

Service performed with BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM) system procedures.