L+ PARTNERS S.r.l. is an Engineering Firm with legal and operational headquarter in 21, Alberto da Giussano road - Milan, with expertise in integrated projecting and in work management of healthcare facilities with a high-technology level, as well as with a  significant  management experience of projecting and construction commissions in Italy. 

It’s been operating in the healthcare sector since 1994. 

It has been the appointed Firm for UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certification since July 2004 ,for what concerns the Integrated Project and Project management of civil buildings as well as of public and private healthcare facilities.
Since 2014 has extended quality Cerification to Integrated Project, Project management and planning through Building Information Modelling (BIM) process of civil buildings as well as of public and private healthcare facilities since.
The Society is registered by the Surveillance Authority for Public Contracts. 

Professional skills, customer care and projecting expertise guarantee the quality of procedures, services, budget,  the meeting of due-dates and the resulting reliability of the Firm for both public and private customers. 

The Firm’s activity extends throughout the whole project cycle, starting from the identification of  intervention’s potentials, the needs analysis and customer expectations, to work implementation. The Firm involves in its activities further expert  professionals that are complementary to its own expertise, and with whom it systematically cooperates.  

Firm’s  services include:


  • feasibility studies on technical, commercial, organizational, urban and administrative fields;

  • studies and development of integrated projects (architectural, structural, plant design) from the preliminary design  phase to the working plan, in cooperation with other designers specialized in different fields;

  • issuing and preparation of technical-administrative documentation required by Authorities;

  • development of health and safety plans as pursuant to Lgs. D. 494/96.

  • development Fire prevention project in accordance with Law 818/84.


The activity includes:


  • commission management;

  • programming and coordination;

  • cost control;

  • work supervision;

  • work management;

  • safety in Construction sites.

The Company has been using BIM systems (Building Information Modeling) since 2012 in order to update its production processes to the highest international standards for information planning, controlling and sharing.